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Starting a Business in Thailand

Setting up a company in Thailand can be a complex process, especially when you're new to Thai culture, the language, and the proverbial: "Way things get done". But with Bangkok Base, establishing a company is straightforward and simple.

Our experienced staff first helps you plan your Thai enterprise, and then we structure it for you. Once we've registered your business, Bangkok Base will assist you in organizing the company and starting operations, allowing you to concentrate on the development of your core business right from the start.

Based on years of experience of successfully providing start-up consultancy and operational support services to foreign entrepreneurs and corporations, we have combined service components into three comprehensive packages to respond to your requirements:

Business StartUp Basic: for companies that plan to have experienced in-house administration at commencement of operations.

Business StartUp & Full Support: for companies who require turn-key Start Up/Operational services and ongoing Accounting and Admin support.

Marketing Support Services
In addition to the above packages, Bangkok Base provides comprehensive assistance for companies who require integrated marketing support such as: creation and production of logos, business cards, stationery, brochures, print advertising, websites/internet marketing, as well as PR services.

Venture Implementation
Bangkok Base has formed a strategic alliance with the Action Asia Group to provide clients with dedicated access to business execution and project management services.  In conjunction with the organisation of the regulatory, legal and administrative aspects of establishing and maintaining a business in Thailand, the Action Asia Group will work closely with clients to take the next step to implement their business plans and manage the growth of their ventures, on the ground, in the Thai market.

Bangkok Base - Action Asia Strategic Alliance

This alliance is specifically designed to provide Bangkok Base's current and new clients with access to a specialized service centered on the implementation and execution of international business and trade programs and ventures across East Asia and the Middle East, (Gulf States). The program is based in Asia and designed to deliver out-sourced market development and project management services in-market.


Specific activities within the service include:

·  Establishing channels to market for finished product

·  Low cost country sourcing

·  Establishment of distribution infrastructure

·  Management of supply chain logistics systems

·  Establishment of intra-regional trade

·  Roll-out of marketing and promotional programs

·  Transferring of technology

·  Direct investment in market

·  Establishing manufacturing in low cost countries

·  Establishing foreign owned ventures

·  Establishment of joint ventures

·  Acquisitions corporate and property

·  Commercial cross cultural management

·  Lobbying of government agencies

·  Establishment of high level networks in the public and private sectors


Action Asia has been implementing international business plans and trade development programs across Asia and the Middle East for the past 15 years. The group has developed an intimate knowledge of Asian business culture and the commercial and political environment that stretches from Saudi Arabia to the Philippines. Supporting the groups access to this market territory are the high level networks of personal relationships that it has developed in the business, institutional and government sectors.


The group works closely with its clients, with the support of Bangkok Base, in executing programs in-market, ensuring the transfer of skills, experience and knowledge through the project implementation process. The core purpose of this service is to assist clients to implement their ventures successfully, in a shorter period of time, with reduced cost and exposure to risk.

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